Friday, July 31, 2009


Well, admittedly, Joel is not the most involved with the snake stuff.

He knows what he likes, he knows what things look like, but he is not too clear on the genetics of some animals, and usually when we have discussions regarding snakes, he will have at least one question:

"So how do you make that??"

So we had a discussion over an e-mail from a customer that was a little confused regarding Albinos...

Caramel Albinos
Lavendar Albinos

Again with the arbitrary name behind the name. People cut if off, but the name formally still has Albino in it, so people think it may be a combo morph.

Joel didn't realize that.. I'm sure he wasn't the only one.

None of these are compatible with each other. You breed any of these together, you will get double hets.

The biggest things that people wanted to have fail is Lavendar Albinos and Albinos. They are not compatible... people were relieved.

So Albinos, one of the key recessive morphs of Ball Pythons, have several variations, if you care to consider it that way. The one good thing about the naming is that at least all the "Albinos" are actually all recessive morphs.

So bottom line, not all Albinos are created equal.

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Jackie M. said...

I just got a pair of het lavenders purportedly bred off of Excalibur! BOO-YAH.