Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Calm before the Storm

Things are slowing down a bit for the incubator, as I have only about another 7 clutches to hatch before we get to shut down completely.

The top incubator is done and off, and the bottom one is only running half full. Things are rolling along at a steady pace. Right now as well, the clutches are more sparse as they were laid later and later in the season.

Currently have a Pewter to Normal clutch pipping, but other than that, for the next week, there should be no action unless some of my super late girls decide to lay.

So, with that being said, I am prepping for the Anahiem show (www.narbc.com) and I am getting really excited about it. There has been a lot of press about it, including a spot on the Conan O'Brien show with Nigel Marvin. Soo... Maybe that means super extra people coming in? Especially considering its Labor Day weekend as well. I'm looking forward to seeing how things turn out.

Bottom line is, its going to be a hell of a lot of fun, but I always have to brace myself for the action. Very little sleep is involved over the weekend.

I love shows because not only do you get to see things in person you would otherwise miss, but you also get to meet the people who you've been talking to on the internet in the forums or on e-mails. THAT is my favorite part!

Getting ready for the show (ie packing, prepping the table supplies, making sure you have enough of ABC) is just the anxiety wracking part. But lucky for me, I live not too far away from the show, so I could always go and get what I forget. THAT is always a life saver.

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