Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Big List

Well, my friend Keith asked me a question that I have decided to make the forefront of today's blog.

Is there a BIG LIST of everything that makes everything in the Ball Python Morph world?


Wanna know why?

Well... Part of the reason is because things are just moving so fast within the morph combo world, some people just have things fall between the cracks. Another reason is that some Ball Python breeders are secretive. People don't want other people to know what projects they are working on, so that they can't be beaten to achieving it first. The main reason I can think of that there isn't a "list" is that people are too lazy.

I have to admit, it is a huge undertaking, and I know people who have tried to get things done. BUT... every year, there are more combos, and those that are only introduced to friends, so the general public doesn't see it until a few months later, and only once before it disappears into the mist..

"Did you see it?? I think it was produced by X this year, but I can't find a picture..."

And of course, the internet lives on pictures.. But for the recluse breeder, pictures are admitting that they have what they have, so some don't take photos at all.

So, bottom line, it would take a huge undertaking, one which I admit I am too lazy to take on. Too much politics would be involved, too much snooping, but I am aware of the goings on enough to say "Why yes, this was made.."

Here are a few links of those lists that are not complete (when it will ever be?):

Living Art Reptiles
World of Ball Pythons

Also, for a list that hasn't yet been done??? That would be enormous. Quadruple co-dom combos and more have yet to be done, and there are innumerable combinations to mix with the more than 40 base morphs that are out there.

So.... That hasn't been done.

And again, on top of everything, to give credit to the FIRST person to have done the combo?? Politics again. I am one of those people, as I did a combo before anyone else. Do I expect to be given credit? Not really, because Ralph Davis did it a few weeks after I did. He has more presence, so therefore, he will more than likely get the credit. Do I mind? A little, but it isn't about the noteriety, its about making pretty snakes.

So there isn't a complete big list, and I doubt there ever will be. Too many things behind the scenes for people in the public to be completely aware of. But, eventually, you will see the new combos of this year... And I will try by damndest to share them with you on this blog.

Never fear.. Heather's got your back!

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BlackJack said...

Hi everyone, I’m Heathers friend Keith! lol

It probably is extremely hard to get a “List” of all morphs that have and haven’t been done. It would be cool to be known for producing a morph, even though you may not be Brian Sharp, Brian Barczyk's and Garrick Demeyer. Even though it’s not a real huge big deal, but it would be nice to be noticed of your accomplishment.