Monday, September 21, 2009

Crystal Ball

So its been two years in the making, but I have hatched out the Crystal Ball.

How, do you ask?

Well... I own a Special Female.

I bred her last year with no luck, and this year, I had done so as well. She was a finicky eater, so I was resigned not to get anything out of her.

But two months ago, she laid five eggs. I was ecstatic!

So how does one make a Crystal Ball?

In this picture, you see a Special, a Mojave and a Crystal. It is a basic combo morph. You need a Special and a Mojave to make a Crystal, and a Crystal is a Special Mojave. Does that make sense? Also, Lessers have been used to make Crystals as well. I'm almost certain Butters would work as well, but it hasn't been done.

Crystals are beautiful morphs, and I really am glad to have been able to hatch out this guy.

People have asked me, how can you tell what the Specials look like? Well, there are two in the photo below the normal. They are subtle, but obvious morphs with flames and a lighter tone that normal animals. I will make a blog specifically for Specials another day.

And here is the whole clutch. I ended up with 0.1 normal, 1.1 Special, 1.0 Mojave, and 1.0 Crystal.

Can't be mad at that. We'll just have to see what happens for next season.


Brandi said...

HOLY CRAP!!!!!! ABOUT TIME! I remember when you first got YOUR girl!!!

Congrats my friend!!!

Chris said...


Colin Weaver said...

Very, very cool, Heather. Congratulations!

Kelli said...

AWESOME snake! how much do crystals generally sell for?

Kevin said...

Wow I love that Crystal. I wonder what a Crystal and a Mystic Potion would look like. Congrats!!!!

Krystal said...

Holy fantastic, Batman!

I absolutely LOVE crystals; they're GORGEOUS! Congrats on producing one!