Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Note to self: Acrylic Breaks!!! (And New BoyZ)

I am very upset with myself...

I was moving my acrylic display tower for the shows from on place in the garage to another last night, and it FELL. And as we may or may not know... Acrylic breaks!

So now my tower is unusable, and I am honestly pretty upset about it. Those things are expensive!

And, since I am doing the Pasadena show, I needed it. Now, I can't use it! ARGH!!

I can get another one, but shipping on such a delicate item is expensive as well. I am pretty bummed out.


Anyway, here is another male I promised I would unveil. Yes, this guy may look familiar, and he has been discussed before, but he is actually going to be in the rotation a lot more since last year he didn't do anything. He is big enough and old enough now that I am counting him in as an actual breeder.

Introducing Pee-Oh-Gee. (Again)

Pastel Orange Ghost that will be put together with a few things, I am thinking Spider as well as maybe a Pastel? I'm not 100% sure. More Ghost stuff would be cool to have.

Maybe even a Pied when the time comes, but I don't have a breeder Pied female yet. Hmmmmm...

Oh the possibilities!

I'm excited!


BlackJackReptiles said...

Sorry to hear about your display breaking. I have searched verywhere and the prices are rediculas. My friend is a carpenter, and I asked him if carpenters could make a display case like those. He stated absolutly and you should try to find one and see if they will. It could save allot of money.


Krystal said...

Mmmm, POG.... They just...glow! Beautiful!