Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Morphs that don't make you go WOW

I was talking to someone about this a while back, and I wanted to touch on them today.

There are several morphs out there that are "sub par" so to speak. Not in awesomeness, by any means, but by making a non-snake person say WOW!

A few off the top of my head are:

Black Pastels
Het Reds

Now, I only write this from experience. I know people, even snake people, that when I show them some of these morphs, they are like.."Oh."

They are not bright, the patterns look similar to a normal, and they are not distinctively different in color.

Granted, the list has some that are more outstanding than others (aka Axanthic and Fire versus Sable or Chocolate), but it has to do with those people who are immediately drawn to BRIGHT and WOW!

Lets make a Bright and WOW list:

Super Pastels
Super Fires
Any Leucistic
Super Black Pastels
Super Cinnamons

And of course, there are more.

When I took the photos of the children at the show, and told them to pick out a morph, 90% of them wanted to hold the Albino. Why? Cause it is BRIGHT and WOW!

Its obviously different.
Its obviously bright.
And people love them.

Now why are we discussing this?

Cause people love Bright and Wow and want them!

And people are less inclined to buy the NOT Bright and Wow, unless for a planned project or for a particular love for darker morphs (There are few out there that enjoy the darker morphs)

Why do I bring this up?

Because it is much easier to move the WOW morphs than the NOT WOW morphs. Problem is, there are great combos and uses for both, but some people fail to see that. No problem though, as people who have some of both are more inclined to breed them together, making a combo WOW morph. And then the NOT WOW morph goes back into demand.

Can't be mad at that!

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Jackie M. said...

I bought my black pastel and piebald girls together, so I often bring them out together. People always pay attention to the piebald first, because, well, WOW. But my piebald is the world's laziest snake, and people eventually get bored with her. And then I start to get comments about how sweet and gentle the black pastel is, and how her pattern is so lovely and lacy, and how she really is very pretty in own right.