Thursday, September 10, 2009

News and New Stripes

The double het Albino Pieds are pipping, and I can't wait for the sex ratio!

They are all normal looking, but they are really very exciting.


So I have been doing a lot of back end trading and so forth, and have recently been able to acquire some cool stripes!

This female I hatched out. She's pretty awesome, and the only Pin holdback I got this year.

And this is Geena. Maybe... I'm trying to be clever with the naming, but I don't know if that will stick.

She is a new gal from Damian Macioce. With my luck on not hitting on the Stripes (3 clutches from poss het to Visual and no Visual animals), I decided to just suck it up and get me a female. I like her! I think she'll go great with my Gee boy.

She is patternless, which is a great thing, and has almost a solid stripe. She's not Perfect, but she's close enough! I think she'll make some great Stripe babies with Gee man.

So I am off to go cavort in the snake room, and handle some business. I will report back tomorrow with more cool pics and stories. Have a great day!

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