Monday, September 14, 2009

Debating about what to do

Every year, it gets harder to figure out what to do with the animals I have.


Because every year, new awesome projects come out, new animals are available, and I am torn about what projects I want to pursue.

I know there are a few that I plan to make happen:

Killer Bee Axanthics
Axanthic Clowns
Albino Pieds
Spider Albinos
Super Pewters
Super Black Pastel Pied

But here is the rub...

There is never enough animals for all the projects you want to do!

And of course, getting ahead on the projects you want to do is tough, and what to do and what to get to get you "ahead" is tough.

I'm pretty confused about what to do, which happens every year.

I have a list of what I have available, and I am trying to figure out what is worth doing this year and what is worth saving for the next...

How I manage usually is that I plan my recessive projects first, and then do my double codoms and combos.

And then, I discuss with friends and family to see what projects they like the most, as none snake people or even snake people, it helps to put perspective on the projects that other people like and you haven't considered.

So.. people out there in Blog Land...

What are your favorite projects??


Anonymous said...


For me I like anything that allows me to predict my out come a little better. Example Killer Bee's or recessive to recessive.. I love the unknown but from a breeder stand point I like to be able to predict a little better whats at the bare least going to pop out.


Kelli said...

Killer Bee Axanthics!! And the Super Black Pastel Pied sounds pretty awesome too :]


Jackie M. said...

I like anything with pied in it! And now that Gee is bigger, you should start pairing him up with random girls. Axanthic stripe? Motley bee?

Are you doing anything with the red axanthics?

Anonymous said...

I personally like Spiders and Pieds. But all BP are awesome. Actually I have one Question. How do you know what has been produced and hasnt been produced for the first time. Istheir a list that is up to date online or something?

Check your email

Krystal said...

Axanthic Killer Bees and Axanthic Clowns are on my "sometime in the future" plan! I just love black and white snakes!

Multiple varieties of VPI Snows and BELs are in my current plans, as well as Axanthic/Red Axanthic Genetic Stripes, Pinstripes, Spiders, Spinners, and eventually Pieds and Clowns. I'm trying to focus on BELs, Axanthics, and Red Axanthics; I'm kind of scatterbrained, so if I don't insist on focusing, I'll end up with a chaotic smattering of random morphs. :D

Kevin said...

I would like to see a Fire, Vanilla, Spider cross. I think it would look great.