Friday, September 18, 2009

My Ghost Story

Well, I have to admit, when I started out breeding and gathering my breeding stock, I didn't actually have much of a pull to get Ghosts (or Hypos, as you may say). *Like a certain Krystal out there???*

I didn't see the real need for them, and the combos, although beautiful, were all pretty basic, and not mind blowing.

So I decided to forgo getting any Hets in the beginning, and continued on my way.

A few years later, I saw the most awesome combo of Ghost I had ever seen.

The HoneyBee.

As you may or may not know, the HoneyBee is a Hypo Spider.

And I knew I had to have one.

So in trades, I managed to collect a few Hypos and Hypo combos and hets. Now, I have a respectable collection of Hypo/Ghost genes, and I plan on working them into a few nice projects, one of them being the HoneyBee.

And while I understand that individually, Hypos are not awe inspiring morphs, not animals that people see and go "WOW" to, but they do have great potential for combos, and to be honest, anything with Hypo in it just seems to POP more.

Take the Pastel Orange Ghost. It is a subtle difference from the blaring yellows and blacks of a decent Pastel, but in that subtlety is a great beauty.

It makes the colors more genteel and calm, smoothing out the rough edges of the morph, and making it glow.

Granted, my photography doesn't do the Ghost morph justice, but I hope that in showing you these pictures, you see that the Ghost/Hypo Morph is an excellent morph to work with in making animals glow.

My plans with my Hypos?

Caramel Glows..
Hypo Pieds...
HumbleBees (Hypo Bumblebee)
Hypo Black Pastels
Hypo Pewters

and of course more... Ohh, the possibilities.

So, to those Hypo Haters out there, open your mind!! There are some amazing things to be done with the Hypo. And if nothing else.. You can say you've seen Ghosts.


Spygirl said...

I have to agree with ya. Ghosts were never on my list, until I saw a black pastel ghost by Ian G. So I picked up a female blackbee het ghost by him. :) Oh the possibilities!

dsirkle said...

I saw a picture of a very nice pied bp on the Glass Reptiles blog. He said that he just bought it from Heather's Herps. What a lucky guy he is!

Krystal said...

Hee hee, nice! Beautiful Ghosts you have there!

I agree that there are some absolutely stunning Ghost morphs and combos out there. My all-time favorite is the Coral Glow (though POGs are amazing, too). But they don't really fit into my current breeding plans. Maybe I'll try 'em in the future at some point. Axanthic Ghosts...hmm.... ;-]