Thursday, September 17, 2009

Pewter transformation

The Pewters are getting big, and my holdback is getting very nice!!!

She's getting her yellows and oranges well, and I really like her. She looks very different from the other Pewters I have had in the past, and I really do enjoy the difference. I even took some pics with some smaller Pewters to compare.

Pewters come out silvery as babies, turn a bit black, and then the yellows start to come out. So with a difference of about a month, this is how the animal turns colors. Isn't it fascinating??

I am actually looking forward to the changes within the smaller Pewters to see how the development changes.

I'll take a pic in the next month or so to see the differences.

Anyway, this is again somewhat along the lines of Pastels, as the whole yellowing effect is only due to the coloration in Pastels themselves.

I am planning on introducing new males to you guys next week, and I hope to have a few more pippers by the end of the week, so stay tuned!!

Maybe I'll do a Ghost episode for Krystal, cause those things are AWESOME!

1 comment:

Jackie M. said...

This is the girl who is my pewter's sister? Wow.

It's hard to tell what mine looks like--she's in quarantine with the pastel, and it's hard to see pale yellow after staring at that blinding pastel for few seconds.