Friday, September 4, 2009

What does it take to have a Show table?

I've been really running around trying to make sure everything is done with the snakes, everything for the show is ready, and making sure everything is set for our basically not being around all weekend.

I realize this leaves the blog rather half done, and not all that interesting, because my mind is elsewhere while I am trying to prepare.

I'm trying to calm down and take it slow, as it is really fun, but very stressing. So I need serenity.. so I posted pics of some Koi and a garden to remind me of such.


So I promise that on Monday, things will be very interesting, as we will have tons of stuff to report back to you about on the show and how it went.

As for the actual show, I was discussing this with a friend who has never done one before.

What does it take to have a show table?


For me, it is mainly preparing to set up the table.

I have the acrylic setups (mine are from the Reptile Emporium), the business cards, the banner, the table cloth, the hand santizer, the chlorhexidine for cleaning up, the paper towels, the display boards, the pictures to share, the Het Paperwork for all of the Hets you bring, the label maker, the laber maker tape, the acrylic cleaner, the keys to the setups, the cooler with drinks and snacks, the cooler with snakes, the bags and cups for selling, the reciept pad, the sold stamp, and your sanity. I'm sure I'm forgetting something, but that is all of the things I have been packing up these past few days so that I don't forget anything.

Sounds pretty simple, eh? Then after you get there, you have to have all of the snakes properly set in the right tubs, making sure you don't get the hets and the normals confused (which is also why the Het Paperwork is so important). You have to make sure the prices are right, you have to make sure that your table is secure.

Once all of that is done, the snakes are in the setups, the show can begin!

Easy breezy.


So even though I am really frantic in my head, I am trying to keep it cool. Its not like I live that far away from this show (thank goodness), so I can always get stuff I forget about for the next day. I'm just prepping myself for a show out of state, so my box is already set and I wouldn't need anything.


I'm going to go drink a nice warm cup of Joe, and relax before going to set up.

Have a great peace filled weekend, friends. I know I won't.


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Krystal said...

I know this is kinda late, but you'll be fine!!! :D :D

Someday, I'll have a table at some shows....