Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Random Musings

Well, things are truly winding down over here in terms of hatchings.

There is a current clutch hatching from Pewter to Normal, and two lovely Pewters decided to come out, and of course, I have no pictures as of yet.

There are only six more tubs in the incubator with eggs in them, and after that... Its the big shut off, unless more clutches start popping out.

I may have a few more Poss Het Pieds lay, but at this point, I am just waiting and seeing. Would be pretty cool though...

The next clutches to hatch are some Enchis and some double het Albino Pieds. THAT is a great project, and I can't wait to get that done and out.

But until then, we must reminisce about the other hatchings.

Here is the really rocking Pastel male that hatched out a few weeks ago. He is pounding food, and will be ready to go really soon, okay, Sam?

And here is one of the Enchis that has popped out. She is my holdback, and yes, she looks dull now, but when she gets older... She will look much better. One of those morphs that gets better with age.

And we all remember Frog, right? The runty runt that hatched out of my Poss het Clown clutch? Well... She's still pretty runty. Here she is next to a newly hatched normal Pastel.

I'm hoping she gets a growth spurt this year. I'd love to see if she proves out.

So, I am hoping to get some more cool pics to share and more cool stories to convey, but so far, its been pretty calm and collected at the moment. Of course I say that now, and have just jinxed myself. Ah well.

Have a great day, my friends.

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Cuda said...


I am so EXCITED! Heather, you are my favorite.