Tuesday, September 8, 2009

NARBC Show photos

First and foremost I want to thank Lewie for taking these pics, as I was behind the booth the whole time, and didn't have any time to go do my own photography.

I did get to walk around, but briefly, just to see what was out there. To be quiet honest, I didn't find anything I really wanted, so I didn't buy anything! I just had a great time talking to people and meeting new friends.

So onward we trudge thru the mass of photos.

This is a Banana, one of the more rare morphs. Looks somewhat like an Ultramel, somewhat like a Caramel, but totally different. I really like it.

And again, one of those morphs you only see rarely. Here is the Mystic Potion ball. I really like this one too, and may actually get into this project eventually.

Random Beardies

My Booth!

Champagnes.. I like them, but I'm going to wait to get into them until later.

I don't remember what this was, but I THINK this was the Coral Glow Bee that sold for $30k?

Cool project that I plan on working on in the next few years.

Nom Nom Tortoise.

Some Crystal project stuff... and a Crystal.

Axanthic Pied. I really like this one too!

Pastel Sugar. Not really sure how I feel about them yet... Seem pretty cool, but I'm not working with it at all.

And here we are back at Heather's Booth. My Pewters were kicking it...

And so were a lot of people at the table. We had a great turn out of people just wanting to say Hi.

And to take a look at the animals.

I was a busy woman.

Apparently I was too busy to feed the Joel. Woops!!!

I had a blast, and again, thanks to all of you loyal blog readers that stopped by and said hi, and those of you who are beginning to read the blog because of the show, welcome!!!

I am going to be doing the Pasadena show in November, so we can do this all over again!

Have a great short week, my friends.

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