Monday, September 28, 2009

Weekend update and Introducing the BoyZ!!

This weekend, we went to the Fair. It closes in the next week, and Joel and I make a huge effort every year to make it.

We had a lot of fun!

It was beautiful, we ate too much, got a little overheated (it was HOT!!) and really enjoyed our time. There were a few snakes there (there was a really cool setup with Iguanas and Kinkajous and a Burm, and then there was an Anaconda you had to pay to see) but the camera died...

Hey look! It's the fair! :)

Enough of that.

This week, I will be introducing the new males that will be ready to work it this season.

Let us begin with the newest male.

This is my new Lemonblast.

I am REALLY excited to have him on the rotation, because this is my first Pin Combo EVER! I didn't get into the Pins early on, but now... I'll be rocking it!

He is a really cool animal, and he can do some great things for me.

The one thing I do notice is that he is much browner as a Pastel than other morphs. This happens with Pinstripes, as the browns are already there. Its tough to get a BRIGHT Lemon Blast. I'll be working on it for sure!!

Who will come out of the bag tommorow? We shall see, my friends.. We shall see :)

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BlackJackReptiles said...

What would a Lesser Platinum make when breed with Spider?