Friday, July 10, 2009

Baby update now that I am back..

First clutch ever this season is doing great, the Axanthics are chowing down and are going to be ready to go soon!!!

So I can finally sex my babies!!! And see them in person, and take pictures and yeah!!

1.0 Enchi, 0.1 Black Pastel, 2.0 Normal (in first shed)

And the Pied to doubtful poss het.. She is not a Het.

4.3 Het Pieds

The Gals

The Guys

And today, a new clutch for me to handle! One of my bigger gals, who always goes "late"

And another 55 day pipping, the 9 egg Enchi clutch!! Peek-a-Boo!!!

So far, one normal. Let's see what happens after the weekend is over!

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Brandi said...


Keep those photos coming girlie!!!!