Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Well, things are getting even more complicated over in California still.

Apparently, things are hatching waaaaay earlier than I had anticipated, and now we have clutch #3 pipping as we speak!

Pied to poss het which didn't prove last year.

Looks like she didn't prove this year either. She is now a Normal on the rack.

But look!! Two snakes in one egg? You see them???

Well, I got the call saying I had twins. I was so excited, since it was the first time that has ever happened here at Heather's Herps. So I was a bit dissapointed that I couldn't see it myself, but I was happy.

BUT!!! I get the call a few minutes later... JUST KIDDING!

Apparently the egg from the bottom pipped out, cut thru the bottom of the top egg, and is pipping in the top egg with the other snake as well. And there is where the misunderstanding about the twins occurred. Here is a pic!

So it looks like a whole bunch of het pieds hatching, no pieds this time. Oh well. They look very good from here!

Now to decide what to do with the Mom...

Have a great day!

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