Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I love these Q's: Ringers! (And Serious Talk)

To my friends, keep the questions coming! I should have another clutch hatch in a few days, but until then, answering questions is really very entertaining for me, and I hope it serves its purpose.

This one is for Marcus.

Ringer Ball Pythons... What makes them, why do they happen, and why do we care???

Now, lets begin with the first question.. What makes them?

Luck. Pure luck. Although, there are some associated morphs that tend to throw more ringers than others. I personally have had many ringers in my Black Pastels, and also have seen many ringers coming out of Het Pieds. The ringers I see are mostly towards the vent area of the animals. I very rarely see any around the head portion.

Why does this happen? I'm sure there is some absolutely fascinating information regarding melanin and scale color, but I don't know the answer, and most people, if any, do either. But I'd like to point out that ringer areas are either orange or white only.

Why do we care? Cause it looks awesome!!!

Most of the ringers you see are not genetic, persay, but a fluke, but there are people working with them to prove them out. The Normal I posted just hatched out with some Enchis, and she is the only ringer in the group of normals. She is the only ringer at all in the normals I have produced so far. She's pretty cool! She has a G on her butt. And the Black Pastel, she is part of the line that I said throws ringers. It's only the Black Pastels... Wiiiierd.

So I hope that answers some questions on Ringers.

Now, I wanted to touch on a few things, one of these being HR2811. Currently, our government is trying to ban pythons in these United States. It is IMPERETIVE that we do our part to stop the legislation being put in regarding our hobby. Please visit this link for more information, and please make a stand and call all of the congressmen listed to tell them how you feel. Make your voice HEARD.

And although it doesn't tie in much, the Pewters have shed! YAY!

Have a great and empowering day. Make your feelings KNOWN!


Krystal said...

Hee, thanks for this one, too! I've been wondering why people like ringers so much (I didn't think it was just the coolness factor).

Argh! Those Pewters! That dark female is driving me nuts!! (But I shouldn't spend that much on a morph...yet....) ;-]

Jackie M. said...

Wait, I got one: bees. I can't keep straight all the different bees. I know bumblebees, and cinnabees and blackbees and lesserbees are obvious, right? But a honeybee is a hypo bee? What's a wannabee? What else?