Thursday, July 23, 2009

Blue Eyed Leucistics 101


I'm going to make this short and sweet and to the point, and hopefully cover a lot of the general questions that people are asking themselves.

There are LOTS of BEL makers:

Het Russo (Het White Diamond)

There may be a few more, but they are not commonly associated with BELs or maybe Heather is just too tired to remember. More than likely the latter.

So, the basic BELs are the ones not highlighted. We will get to the Phantom/Mystic genes later.

All of the Basics can be combined in their respective combos to create the Blue Eyed Leucistic. Some consider the White Diamond to be the brightest white Leucy, some consider the Super Lesser to be. It is really a matter of opinion, and to be honest, until I create them all on my own, I am going to reserve judgement.

What I wanted to touch on is the Mocha/Latte factor. Mochas are often forgotten as a BEL maker, and they are less available than most, but they also make stunning white BELs as well. Here is a photo from Reptile Images recent clutches. (Thank you, Tim)

The Super is called a Latte. Very cool stuff!!

Now the Phantom/Mystic thing is pretty new, but as I understand it, they, combined with SOME of the BEL makers, will make BELs. I honestly can't say that I am 100% comfortable educating people on this particular morph, considering I am not 100% familiar with it myself. I hope that maybe someone else can chime in on this, or maybe we can wait and see when people do more breedings.

So, if you are interested in Blue Eyed Leucistics, this is a good place to start.

I hope this answers some questions!!!


Kelli said...

Thanks Heather! I am an aspiring bp breeder and I love reading your blog and learning new things. I do have one question though... I'm kind of confused on the difference between pewters and cinnamon pastels. If you could touch on that someday or maybe just shoot me an email I would really appreciate it!

Heather Wong said...


I will dedicate a blog tommorow just to your question!!!

Thanks for the request!