Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sables and Crystals

The Sables are out!!! Looks like we got 2.3, and for color reference, I put one of the normals in the mix. I love these guys. Dark morphs aren't all the rage, but they are super cool in my opinion. I can't wait for Super Sables in a few years.

So last night I went over to my friend Tom Bakers house for dinner. Had a great time, and of course, took pictures. Since I've been there a few times before, I only took a few pics, but I think you guys might like them!

Above is an adult Pastel Ivory! He was bright pink when I took the photos, and I'm wondering if you can see it in the photos.

Below is a hatchling Pastel Super Special. I really like the subtle color on the white body of the animal, and the fact that this animal is a breeding POWERHOUSE.

And some hatchling Crystals for your enjoyment. I love these guys too.. They are just so beautiful!

And my favorite, a Pastel Crystal breeding. YAY for more Specials and stuff!! Isn't that female HUGE??? Gotta love it. Tom's season is usually about three months after mine, so he'll have hatchlings in November to January.. It's kinda weird, but he does it that way.

Anyway, the next few clutches on my end aren't due until the end of this week or so, so I will be attacking some of the questions that people have asked me to. Brandi, your Leucistic question has not been forgotten!!!

Until next time, my friends!!!

1 comment:

Brandi said...

wow! those crystals still amaze me!

and I LOVE the dark morphs. I hope to someday own a solid dark snake. Whether super cinni/black pastel, or something else...

congrats on those wonderful sables!!! LOVE IT!