Monday, July 13, 2009

It's HOT!!!!

This weekend coming back from 80 degree weather in NYC into 95 degree weather is absolutely unacceptable!!!

It is WAYYY too hot. This is the season I dispise living in Southern California. Really.

I actually had to move the incubators into another room because it was so hot. DANG!

Anyway, this weekend has been interesting. The new Enchi clutch has pipped and is hatching, and here is one of the babies that came out. So far, 2.1 Enchis are out..

This is one of the Boyeees.

And this morning, the Black Pastel clutch is pipping. One Black Pastel!!! Everyone else is not even pipped yet, but hey... One Black Pastel sounds good to me.

And I am really trying to get my Geckos into the circuit, so I am doing as much research as I can about them before taking the plunge and getting the perfect male. So I took some (awful) photos. They are really much nicer looking than the photos I took, but I am working on perfecting my Gecko photo taking.

We also saw Transformers this weekend. I loved it!!! I thought it was very flash bang boom, but what would it be without it?

So today, I am going to sweat it out, try and get some stuff done, hopefully have a full count on the Enchi clutch by this evening, and get more photos for all of you, my friends! Have a great day!!

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