Friday, July 10, 2009

Black Rock Captives

While I was out in New York, I took a few trips to see some snake friends while we were out! Couldn't make it all family, plus after a few days, I have snake withdrawals.

SO! I met my friend Rodney at Black Rock Captives for dinner and some snakes!

He has a cool room, with some very nicely built racks done by another friend of mine.

And Rodney is famous for his "Epic Pastels", one of which is being displayed.

This guy had the LUCK OF THE YEAR this season. He got a Cinny x Lesser clutch, 5 eggs, and he got FIVE LESSER CINNIES and a Cinny female in the clutch. That's right. TWINS IN THE EGG, LESSER CINNIES!!! 2.3 to be exact... WHAT A LUCKY DUCK!

And here is a Freedom Breeder rack. I like them!!!

Lieutenant Shiney Sides...

I am really getting to like the Bloods.


One hot Ghost!!

And a hot Super Pastel as well!

I had a lot of fun, and I'm trying to figure out when I can get back again. I'm kinda bummed that I am missing out on White Plains Show, which is this weekend, but I didn't realize that it was at the time when I was going to be out there. Next time, I will plan it out better.... I have plenty more people to meet and see again!!!

Maybe the next White Plains, eh???

We shall see

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roro said...

Thanks for making me look skinny. ;)