Wednesday, July 22, 2009


So there is nothing hatching, nothing really super exciting happening in the snake room other than animals starting to feed seriously again. Of course they are eating now, when its super hot, and when I am on a budget. Jerks.

But hey, I can't really be mad at that. I'm glad they are eating. Means that recovery is on the way!

So, I need more topics to discuss while there is some time to wait between hatchings, and right now, all I have is a request about Leucistics. I will touch on that tommorow, as I need to get some photos together and a few other things.

So if you have any topic requests, let me know! I need to have something to talk about..

Today is cleaning day and feeding day, and ultimate clean day because trash day is tommorow. It is VERY hot in the snake room these days, and I always cringe at the fact that I need to go into the room during the day.

Problem is, today is a big day, as I am going to rearrange the snake room, clean it, reorganize the tubs and snakes, and it will be an all day affair. Thank goodness for help.

So I am drinking a lot of water, turning on the air, and getting ready to traverse into the room o' hot.

So, that is all for now, I will get more interesting things going this week, I promise. Happy Hump Day!

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