Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Buzz Buzz Buzz!! Bees!!

I LOVE THESE QUESTIONS!! Thanks again, Jackie!

Alright my friends:


Let us begin at the beginning. Spider combos are AWESOME. I don't care who you are, and if you don't like the Spider neurological issues, you can't help but appreciate what the Spider morph does with other morphs in combinations.

And because they combine so well with others, they have started a trend of calling things Bees.

It began first with the Bumblebee... The humble Spider and Pastel Combo.

And when that turned out to be incredible and awesome, people decided to plug the Spider in with everything else under the sun. Why not? That is the funnest part of breeding is seeing what comes out of the egg in a new combination!

So, people threw the spider in with:

Black Pastel
Pastel Lesser
Pastel Woma
Super Pastel
Genetic Stripe

Which turned out to be named:

Bumblebee (Pastel x Spider)
Lesserbee (Lesser x Spider)
Blackbee (Black Pastel x Spider)
Cinnabee (Cinnamon x Spider)
Honeybee (Hypo x Spider)
Queenbee (Pastel x Lesser x Spider)
Stingerbee (Enchi x Spider)
Wannabee (Pastel x Woma x Spider)
Killerbee (Pastel x Pastel x Spider)
Motleybee (Genetic Stripe x Spider)
Butterbee (Butter x Spider)

Now, what I don't understand is why only these are Bees, and some of the other Spider combos are not Bees, persay.

The Axanthic Spider is just that... the Axanthic Spider. As is Spider Woma, Spider Mojave, Spider Pied, Desert Spider and the Spider Albino.

Simple, right? But what really makes it confusing is the other names for Spider combos.

I'm wracking my brain to remember if Sables Spiders have a special Bee name..

Pinstripe Spiders are called Spinners, which goes along with the Spider theme somewhat, but makes it just difficult to remember.

The Spider Fire is called the Spider Fly, which is also bug related...

Its just rather interesting the themes of naming particular morphs.

As always, what I list is more than likely not the complete list out there of all the Spider combos and names, as I am sure I'm forgetting something. BUT! Its pretty comprehensive of the stuff that has been out for a few years.

So, I hope this helps get you guys clear on the Bees of the hobby.


Krystal said...

So is the Wannabee an Enchi x Spider or Enchi x Pastel x Spider? (Dratted co-dom morphs having "pastel" at the end of everything. ;)

At least most of the bee names make sense, even if they're not very creative. The pinstripe morphs make no sense whatsoever. Seriously, who came up with Jigsaw? (Kingpin kind of makes sense. Well, the "pin" part, anyway.)

Heather Wong said...
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Jackie M. said...


Heather Wong said...

I was corrected by a fellow breeder, and I thought I had caught it...

A Wannabee is a Pastel x Woma x Spider, not a Pastel x Enchi x Spider.

I apologize for the confusion.