Friday, July 24, 2009

For Kelli: Cinnies versus Pewters


Thank you very much, Kelli, for asking this question.

So, what is the difference between Cinnamon Pastels and Pewters?

Let us touch on the Pastel issue for a second.


I don't particularly understand it myself, but let me begin by listing off some morphs that have Pastel in the name, but don't actually have Pastel in them.

Black Pastel
Cinnamon Pastel
Enchi Pastel
Chocolate Pastel

and I may be forgetting a few.

So, what has happened over the years is that the Pastels have been lopped off of the name so that they are not as confusing other than the Black Pastel, which is the common name.

And to add to the confusion, Regular Pastels have a prename that has been lopped off.. Jungle. Jungle Pastels are just Pastels with a quirky pattern.

Got it???

Cinnamons are a base morph, as are Black Pastels and Enchis and Chocolates, so when Pastel is added to the back of the name, you can generally assume that people are talking about a combo.

Here is my Cinny, and the next photos are of some Black Pastels.

Black Pastels are awesome, and yes, Cinnies and Black Pastels are considered very similar in morphness. We can go over the differences another day.

Now a Cinnamon x Pastel is a Pewter. You know whats the worst? Some people call Pewters, Pewter Pastels as well. ACK!!! This is why people get confused... really.

Here are the differences in Pewters themselves. Some are more dark like Cinnies, and some are more Pastel like Pastels. It really depends, but both are Pewters! Can you see the Cinny pattern in the Pewter, but a different and more yellow and muted gold color?? THAT is a Pewter or Cinny x Pastel.

I hope that this makes sense, and if you need clarification, just let me know!!! I will take better pictures of the pattern for a Cinny versus Black Pastel blog coming up.


Kelli said...

Ahh! Thank you so much! That clears up a lot :]

Krystal said...

I love reading your blog! I'm hoping to start my own part-time ball python breeding, and it's great to see what other people do and watch others' clutches! That pewter!!

I do have a question, though: I see het red axanthics for sale here and there, but I almost never see full red axanthics. Are they that rare, or are most breeders just not interested in them?

Thank you! Keep up the awesome work! Can't wait to see your next clutch of cuties!