Thursday, July 2, 2009

Signing out

Well, I thought that I would have some egg news today to share, as there are a few snake females that are pretty much obviously going to lay today, but to no avail as of yet.

But!!! The Axanthics have shed and have eaten their first meals, so I can't be too mad at that.

And here is the male. I am very happy with him!!! He took a rat chub with no problem.. And he is very very nice.

So everyone is as prepped as they can be for my departure, and I will have people checking in with the critters every day while I am gone. Hopefully I can report from NY about what is going on!!!

I will also see if I can blog NY from over there as well.

A clutch will be hatching when I am gone, a few eggs will be laid... It's going to be interesting, but I will be updating as much as I can!!!

Have a great week, my friends. I know I will!

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