Friday, July 17, 2009

Pippage, Sadness... Reality

Next clutches are pipping, the first of which is the Pewter clutch.

Last night, this is what I saw...

WOW! Four??? That's awesome! With one more egg to hatch too!

I went to bed happy! Four Pewters out of six eggs, Pewter to Normal!

This morning I woke up, checked, and the other egg had pipped. FIVE!!! WOW!!!

But something was wrong. Everyones head was out except one egg...

I poke and prod with no response from the snake baby..

So I do what I do when I think its dead..

I pull it out.

And yes, it was dead. Sad sad sad...

So, another awesome clutch, but with bad luck mixed in as well... I'm sad to see such a beautiful animal die in the egg, having pipped a little but still die.

One of those things you argue FOR cutting on this case... Maybe had I cut, it would have survived... But, nothing can be said now. It has passed on.

But the other babies are doing well! Lets see them when they come out!!! They are looking HOT!

And hopefully the Sable clutch will pip soon too.


Jackie M. said...

So sad! ... but the odds on that all-male albino clutch and now this one are just crazy. Did you sell somebody's soul this season?

Brandi said...

I am sorry for the little guy that didn't make it.

But much congratulations on the morph odds!!!!

RedScales said...

sorry to hear such a beautiful snake has died...sigh. Also CONGRATS on a really nice clutch of pewters...!

question: what do u do with the snake that dies ? just throw it in the garbage ?

Heather Wong said...

Thanks everyone.

Pat, I do throw them out. I usually wrap them up pretty good before hand though. It always breaks my heart to do it, but.. what else is there to do?

Thanks for the Q!