Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sausage Fest

Well, people thought I killed the odds on getting 5 out of 6 albinos from Albino to Het?


Lets top it by saying 5 out of 6, with one still in the egg, are all BOYS.

Here are all the guys.

I thought I was mistaken at first...

I popped them all again just after taking this photo to be sure.

Now, if the last Albino in the egg is a boy as well, I'm going to really be shocked.

I have never had a straight sex ratio in any of my clutches EVER. Maybe one girl here, a boy there, but never one clutch just with one sex.

Penes are everywhere in that clutch, man!!

I'm surprised, kinda dissapointed (I needed a few girls), but all in all just shocked!

Talk about a wierd clutch...

EDIT: Last one is out.


Total count, 1.0 Het, 5.0 Albinos... What are the odds????


kyle frost said...

Pene Party!

Catherine said...

That's my het albino boy right there! The lone het :) He's doing great, although he is very feisty and noisy. Maybe he will give me the same great odds when he grows up! And I can't wait to buy another snake from you, maybe at the pasadena show!