Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Clutch Counts and Updates

Another New clutch on the ground

We have only a few more to be laid, and then we are done for the season. BUT!!! Eggs are hatching..

So let us recap our hatchings:

Clutch Number #1: 1.1 TSK Axanthics het Albino

Clutch #2: 1.0 Enchi, 0.1 Black Pastel, 1.1 Normals

Clutch #3: 4.3 Het Pieds

Clutch #4: 2.1 Enchis, forgot the sex ratio on the normals (7 Normals)

Clutch #5: 0.2 Black Pastels, 2.2 Normals

And the pipping clutch for Albinos so far is 1.0 Het Albino, 1.0 Albino. Isn't he beautiful???

Hopefully the Albino clutch will finish pipping, and we can have a final count and a group shot.

More to come soon!!!

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