Monday, July 6, 2009

New Yawk

So we have had a few days here in New York so far, and here are some of the photos I have taken.

We came in to New York from Grand Central Station, and I really love it there. It has a nice old worldly feel to it, and it is just a cool spot to be.

And of course, the tourist traps....

But you can't go to New York without getting a Nathan's Hot Dawg.

MMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmm.. Sauerkraut.

HAH!!! I don't know any New Yorker that follows this rule.. HONK HONK HONK!!!

So we went to the Empire State Building. It's pretty tall...

And it has a sign.

And a ton of people on it. I was not quite happy being bumped into. But the sights were gorgeous. We couldn't have asked for a better day.

Apparently this dude was cleaning or something. I wonder how much he gets paid.

Walking to Times Square.

Hey, there it is!

And then we went to Central Park. BEAUTIFUL!

Liked this sign alot.. It was near the Central Park Zoo.

We didn't go into the Zoo, but I found a friend anyway. YAY!

Lots of people out and about on this gorgeous day.

And the wierdest thing happened in Central Park. We were sitting on the bench at the lake, and two of my old high school classmates who I haven't seen in 8 years walked right by me! We chatted for a bit, and apparently they both live in California as well, and were talking a vacation in NYC. Talk about COINCIDENCE!!!

I am still a little freaked out about it, to be honest. What are the odds of that???

Anyway, this has already been a very interesting trip. Bear with me for another few days and more photos!!!


Brandi said...

Awesome! I have never been there. I love the photos!

And what a random crazy happenstance!!

I love bumping into people in strange places!

Tashai said...