Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Aaaaawwww Yeeeaaahhh


Now I don't look like such a dork by saying "I'm totally waiting for eggs this week" and having nothing to show for it.

Clutch #9 is on the ground, my friends. It was rather unexpected, only because this was NOT the female I had anticipated dropping first. I was watching another female, and this one slipped by me.

I honestly think that these eggs were laid on Monday morning or Sunday night, as they are a little caved in (humidity is not 100%), but I'm not complaining!

Clutch #9, G-Stripe to 50% Poss Het female #4, 4 good eggs. Let us hope that she proves out... So far my poss hets have not been too lucky, so I need redemption!

And proud proven breeder poppa! Yeah, Gee! Go boyeee.

So hopefully the females I was watching to lay last week will lay this week as well. Seems like when it rains, it pours, and then we have an egg drought for a bit. As long as we get eggs... No prob.


Axanthic het Albino to Albino PH Axanthic: 3 Eggs, April 24th lay, 16 days til hatch.
Black Pastel to Normal: 4 Eggs, May 10th lay, 31 days til hatch.
Pied to Poss Het: 7 Eggs, May 15th lay, 36 days til hatch.
Enchi to Normal (TV): 10 Eggs, May 18th lay, 39 days til hatch.
Black Pastel to Normal (Nadra): 6 Eggs, May 19th lay, 40 days til hatch.
POG to Poss Het: 6 Eggs, May 22nd lay, 43 days til hatch.
Pewter to Blurry: 6 Eggs, May 25th lay, 46 days til hatch.
Sable to Normal (Soshie): 9 Eggs, May 25th lay, 46 days til hatch.
Genetic Stripe to PH G-Stripe (4): 4 Eggs, June 8th lay, 59 days til hatch.


Brandi said...

AWESSOME!! Can't wait to see what pops out!!!

dsirkle said...

I hope that you get some genetic stripes! I want one.