Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Expect the Unexpected

I admit, I wasn't prepared to come home last night after meeting up with co-worker to check the tubs.

But I did it anyway, expecting the usual nothing.

Boy, was I wrong.

We got home around 10, so I was kinda tired. I honestly was yawning while opening tubs, but to my surprise, I caught TWO females on eggs. I was like... Damn.. I'm not prepared.

So I made three tubs, so that next time I wasn't prepared, I would have a tub ready.

This was the first female I found, Tim2. She was paired with the Pinstripe. 5 good eggs!!

And then, this female, Femi was on eggs too (I wasn't thinking she was going to lay yet!). 6 eggs to the Mojave. Should be a good clutch.

And then, I went and cleaned up the tubs, went to the computer, dinked around for a bit, then went back into the snake room for something... I honestly don't remember why, but I was inclined to check all of the tubs again to see if anyone was close to laying.

Well, I missed one...

My Pastel laid! She was paired with the Pewter and briefly the Pastel Lesser, so we shall see. WOOHOO!!! This is another one of my bigger clutches of the season. 6 eggs, 1 slug. Not too shabby.

Clutch 17 on the ground, and the new incubator already has PLENTY of eggs in it. WHEW!!!

So yeah, I'm expecting a huge lull now... But YAY for now!!!

Have a great day, my friends

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Matt (Satisfied Heathers Herps customer) said...

Put my name down for a male pin and a female mojave please! good luck!