Thursday, June 18, 2009

Snippity Doo Dah

Clutch #1 has been cut.


Because Heather has no willpower, even though she promised Joel she wouldn't cut.

I had a dental appt yesterday, and didn't feel well afterwards, so I stayed home.

And with staying home means idle fingers get antsy.

Granted, I was not idle really, I spent a lot of the day cleaning house for this weekend, but I found enough time to convince myself that it would be worth it to cut the eggs.

So I did.


I have to say, I am a notorious ugly cutter. I always try to make smooth incisions with my little pair of cuticle scissors, but it doesn't ever really work.

So please, bear with my ugly.

So the Snow clutch is cut, and unfortunately, no Snows.


There are Axanthics in there, which means that the female Albino I have is 100% het for Axanthic now!! This is GREAT NEWS!!! This is a huge weight off my shoulders in proving her out to be a het. Now next year I know that I will have another chance at Snows for real!

So good news, ugly cutting, and clutch 1 DOWN and soon to be OUT!

This season has started out alright!

I'm pleased.

Have a great day, my friends.


xmanalpha said...

i need an axanthic! =) (i'm serious)

Jackie M. said...

pretty pretty pretty axanthics! ... and that's not a bad turnout for three eggs.