Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Well, no eggs yesterday, which doesn't surprise me at all. I'm going to be waiting an extra week after I anticipate a clutch now before I get another one. Seems to be the ongoing trend.

Anyway, I have enough random photos of snakes to make it thru.

This is one of the Spiders I held back from last year, the only female in my "blurry" clutch. I was attempting to make the Tarantula, or the Blurry Spider. I think she looks awesome in herself, but I am going to breed her back to a male from this years clutch (Pewter or something), and see if I can get an actual Blurry like Mom looked like.

This is a photo of Mother after laying the clutch that the female spider in question was hatched out of. Isn't she gorgeous???

Now I am aware I am not the only one working on the project, and that some people have already given up on the "Blurry/Velvet" dinker project. I think it'll be fun to see what happens, so I'm going to continue. Plus, the Spider I have is so incredibly interesting!! I love her dark sides!

And she is an interesting animal personality wise. She is very curious, and very sweet. Yes, she is a tweeky head. But she doesn't really have it all that badly, and she is a powerful eater as well.

Bobble heads, tweeky heads, spinners, wobblers, etc... All means the same thing. The snake cannot hold its head up correctly, and tends to sit with the head upside down, sideways, wobbles or bobs head uncontrollably (like someone elderly), or does loop-de-loops while moving around.

Spiders do have it. In my opinion, all of them do to some extent. (Always up for debate, of course) It is a "fault" of the morph. BUT! It doesn't keep them from living a full and productive life. So, take that with you if you want a Spider, or if you are having second thoughts about this amazing morph. They are great, and have extra personality to match!

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