Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Its the wierdest thing...

So recently we have been having some very strange weather. Overcast in the morning to afternoon, warmer by the end of the day, and then overcast again. There is even some hail falling locally...

Last night, we had a thunder and lightning storm as well!

Regal didn't do very well. He barked a lot and jumped up on the bed several times, which in turn woke me up frequently. He's usually much better at dealing with it, but apparently this new house and new storm doesn't bode very well for his sanity.

So I am a tad bit tired, to tell you the truth.

Anyway, we continue on...

So far there are no more eggs in sight for a few more days. I have some females that SHOULD go these next few weeks, but then again, they may suprise me. Gotta love it!

With everything on pause mode, I am trying to figure out what would happen if I don't get what I need out of this season. I was/am really shooting for a Silver Bullet, but my Cinny female is just not quite looking the way she should. I don't want to count her out, but if I don't get eggs, that was a huge project for me this season.


As I well know, things don't always work the way we plan. These past couple of seasons for me never quite worked out, so I was hoping for a cool triple co-dom... Plus the Super Cinnies are one of my favorites!!! Oh well. Let us hope that I am just missing the signs.

Anyway, let us focus on the positive! Here is what should be coming out soon!



Axanthic het Albino to Albino PH Axanthic: 4 Eggs, April 24th lay, 21 days til hatch.
Black Pastel to Normal: 4 Eggs, May 10th lay, 35 days til hatch.
Pied to Poss Het: 7 Eggs, May 15th lay, 40 days til hatch.
Enchi to Normal (TV): 10 Eggs, May 18th lay, 43 days til hatch.
Black Pastel to Normal (Nadra): 6 Eggs, May 19th lay, 44 days til hatch.
POG to Poss Het: 6 Eggs, May 22nd lay, 47 days til hatch.
Pewter to Blurry: 6 Eggs, May 25th lay, 50 days til hatch.
Sable to Normal (Soshie): 9 Eggs, May 25th lay, 50 days til hatch.

I am expecting: Albinos, Spiders het Axanthic poss het Albino, Double hets for Albino and Pied, Pinstripes, and more..

1 comment:

Brandi said...

If she does not look as though she took, can't you just put the male back with her, in hopes for a late clutch?

I ask, because that is what I am currently doing.

I had 5 females that visibly locked with males.. and no eggs.

So about a week ago, I put him back with.. and so far 3 different females have locked *again* with him.

better late then never right??

either way, good luck!