Friday, June 5, 2009

Aggravation and dissapointment

Well... this week seems to be the week of Debbie Downer syndrome.

How sad is that.

Things are just not going as planned (do they ever?) but to the point where I am actually dissapointed, and not brushing it off.

Lets begin with the first point.

My Axanthic het Albino to Albino ph Axanthic clutch is down to THREE eggs. One is going bad as we speak. I really really really wanted to prove her out this year, and I know I still have a chance, but THREE eggs on 1/4 odds of hatching a Snow is not to promising. (Thank you to the anonymous tipster that corrected my odds...)

Sure, I still have a chance, and yes, I know I'm lucky to have the clutch at all, but still... what a kick in the knockers for me. My best clutch so far of the season, and it is getting smaller.

And of course, my main aggravation of the year so far, the Cinny who may or may not be gravid, but I really really want her to be.

This photo was taken on Weds after cleaning. She looks pretty slim and trim to me, which makes me sad. Pewter was there with her for a while, but he didn't seem to be interested, and neither was she. I'm hoping I'm just missing the signs and the Ball Python Gods will bless me with an amazing miracle clutch that I have been breathlessly waiting for.

Someone once told me to dance around naked for the Ball Python Gods mercy. I'm getting close in desperation to trying it. Wouldn't hurt, right?

I wanted to share this all with you, my friends, but I realize that it is Friday (which is great), and it is the weekend coming up. I hope that I will have better news to share, and that we will be in a better mood come Monday.

Maybe that Albino egg will antimold? Get better and turn into two eggs? That would be AWESOME.

Oh well.

Bear with me, my friends. It's always a bumpy ride.

Have a great weekend!!!


Jackie M. said...

Oh, how annoying. At least if the poss het proved out that would be something. When are they supposed to hatch?

Anonymous said...

Hi with your pair Axanthic het Albino to Albino ph Axanthic if your Axanthic het Albino ph Axanthic proves out you will have a 1 in 4 chance to get a Snow not 1 in 16 that would be for double hets. Good luck I hope you get one out of the 3 eggs left.