Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Jackie, This Blog's for You!

I noticed there was a question yesterday by my blog friend Jackie about Liquid Bandaid.

What is it for, and why?

Well, let me tell you!

This is New Skin, a type of Liquid Bandaid. I honestly am getting less and less likely to continue to use this product, because of the ingredients. For some odd reason, it has oil of clove, and the smell always makes me concerned for the egg and continued incubation. It may just be in my head, but I am making one final attempt at using it before just using it on people.

I bought this bottle four years ago, and have only used it twice. Once, it didn't work, but I think it was because the mold took too deep of hold. We shall see what happens this year, and if it continues to work with no ill effects from the oils and alcohol, we may have to reconsider, but... we shall see.

So here are the eggs in question. Do you see that random large circle and green spots where it looks like an egg was laying? Yeah, that is where the bad egg was.

So to prevent any more growth of mold or possibilities for invasions of the baddies, we put a coat of preventative to make the egg shell stronger in that weakened area.

So in a major feat of balancing and magic, I managed to take this photo (albeit not in focus) by myself, of what you would do. Take the liquid bandaid, and put a couple of swipes on the spots on the egg in question. Let it air dry, and VOILA!

Keep an eye on it, and make sure no mold or etc is growing from the spots you treated. If there are still growths, you may just have to let the egg go. It happens...

Continue to incubate as normal. Just watch the clutch more closely.

The End.

I hope that explains everything, Jackie.

Any other questions? Just shoot me a comment!!


Jackie M. said...


I gotta wonder, if it turned out not to be good for eggs, if it's really all that great for people? At least the alcohol should evaporate quickly.

(I also wonder if you could use it to repair a torn egg?)

Heather Wong said...

Well, its only meant to be used on the outside, so it should be safe, plus we as humans have all those guidelines outlined for products in healthcare, so I'm pretty confident it is fine for people.

As for the torn egg, I wouldn't use this. I would use a different kind of liquid bandaid, or even just a bit of real bandaid or cloth to stop the leakage, and then a coat of the liquid bandaid to keep it in place.

Jackie M. said...

Steri-strips might be good for that:


I've used them to hold my finger together a couple times after minor kitchen accidents because I didn't want to spend three hours waiting in the ER for three stupid stitches.