Monday, June 15, 2009

WHEW!!! Busy busy busy

This weekend was crazy busy, my friends.

With real life getting in the way of snake stuff, I will see if I can touch on everything briefly.

Let me begin by saying this weekend was marked by lots of special events. The first of which was my old roommate from college's graduation!!

Congratulations, Lizette. I am so proud of you!!

She graduated with a BS in Engineering, something I really admire. That stuff is tough!

So after going back to my Alma Mater and seeing all the changes that have happened in a short few years, we went home proud and a tad chilly, glad to have gone.

Before we went, however, there was a bit of action in the snake room as well. Clutch #13 on the ground! I raised this female and her sisters from babies back in 06'.
Lets hope for some PIEDS, babaaayyY!

Such a good Mom...

Sunday rolls along, and OH MY GOODNESS.

It's a very important day! It's Joels Birthday!!!

We go around town, having fun and whatnot, doing what Joel wants to do, which had nothing to do with snakes. (I did, however, get to wheedle in some time at the local petshop to see the new CH that came in)

Had a nice dinner with his family, enjoyed the day, and basically had Joel day. He deserves it.


So that rounded out our weekend this time around, but... WHAT DO WE HAVE HERE!!?!?!

This morning, I go in and check on a female I expected to lay in a few days. Little did I know she was LAYING when I opened the tub!

First time I've caught it on camera, and I am kinda stoked about it. I tried to get live action shots, but it was slow, so I missed a few frames.

This excitement subsquentially kept me a tad bit late at home, but it was WORTH IT!!

So tommorow, the update on that clutch and how many eggs (How many do you think??) will be up.

The clutch is G-stripe sire to PH Stripe female. COME ON STRIPES!!!

I think that is enough for today. Hope I didn't overwhelm you!

Have a great week, my friends!!

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