Thursday, June 25, 2009

Breeding Plans

With all of the bajillions of possibilities that are out there to breed who to who, I have been worried that some of my projects are not filled out enough for my liking.

I do have a magical number of 5 for each morph per project. 5 Spiders, 5 Pastels, etc etc...

Do I have these magical numbers solidified for the most part? NO WAY!

But I am revamping the collection to make an attempt at it.

And now, I have a few more things to add that I am very glad to have!

Welcome to the family, Ghostie and my first Het Red from a proven line!

It'll be fun to play with them next year, although I am trying to figure out what already, much to my dismay and head ache.

No worries, by breeding time, it'll be much easier.

Which is kind of interesting, because its coming up fast!!

We usually start up breeding on my birthday, October 29th.. Its only a few months away!

Pressure is on, ladies! Get big and fat and eat food!

Fun times.

So in conclusion, Heather has no idea what she is going to do yet. YAY!!!

Any suggestions???


kyleh said...

dont worry about it yet you still got girls dropping. ha theres always them little ideas in the back of your head to i understand. haha, its part of the whole breeding adventure. good luck on them clutches nice axanthics to by the way.

Supreme Gecko said...

I felt the same this year with my leos. I have a solid line of carrot tails but picked up snows, raptors and enigmas last year. Combined with some nice stripes and other albinos, I felt like I was playing Wheel of Genetics :)
It does make it fun though.