Friday, June 26, 2009

Weekend prep

Well, soon we go into the weekend, and I am ready to run around!!

The Reptile Super Show is tomorrow and Sunday in San Diego, which we will be at on Saturday, and on Sunday, we have the two weddings to attend!

I don't recall if I mentioned the story of two weddings in one day. Didn't think it would happen? Me neither.

Once upon a time, Joel and Heather got an invitation to a wedding. Whose? Why Heather's old college dorm buddies from way back in the day! Heather even set them up! WOW!

So Heather RSVPed, all happy and excited for the wedding to happen.

A few days go by, and Joel gets an invitation to a wedding. WOW! Another one! Whose? Why Joel's buddy from his Masters program. How cool is that? Alright! Lets go!

Oh wait... It's on the same day. How are we going to manage?

Let us analyze..


They are both close to each other, in Newport. That may work. They are at different times. Cool!

Wait, look!!



Back on track, my friends.


You thought I went to a lot of weddings already? I get to do TWO IN ONE DAY!!!

Prepare yourself on Monday to be deluged by Wedding Photos and Snake Show Photos.

I'm prepared. Got a new doo (my hair is now short and red), I lost 2lbs just by cutting my hair (WOO!), and I am ready for an exhausting but fun trip all over this weekend.

Keep me in your thoughts, my friends... I am going to need it.

1 comment:

Brandi said...

Next time you have a slow time..

I would like you to give "us" all some "schooling" on the different Lucies.

the difference in lesser x lesser, mojo x mojo, butters, yb, and the intermingling of the lot of them.

ALSO, for another "school" day, the difference in black pastels, and cinnamons.