Thursday, June 11, 2009

And the waiting has come to fruition!!!

After feeling like every day without eggs was a let down for the blog, today, I have PLENTY to share!!!

Yesterday I went home early for a dental appt... and I check the tubs. Low and behold, there are eggs afoot!! (This happened last time I had a dental appt as well, a few weeks ago. Maybe I should go to the Dentist more often??)

And here is the proud pissy momma. This is one of my Het Albinos I am proving out this year, she is a first year breeder.

She wasn't too happy with me. I checked her for a count of the eggs, left her for a moment, came back and got this!! RAWR!!!

Of course, my snake senses and gentle nature allowed me to take her eggs from her with no ill effects.

So clutch #10 is on the ground as of yesterday night.... So I go to bed, satisfied I have something egg related to blog about in the morning. YEAH!!!

In the morning, I groggily wake up and roll out of bed. Something calls for me to check a few of the females that I've been waiting for to lay since last week. AND of course, while I'm brushing my teeth and checking tubs, BAM!!!

This is ANOTHER Het Albino that was bred to the Albino. Her name is Shane. 6 pearly whites, and all looking good and big!!! Clutch #11 down!!

And of course, the one female I've been waiting for, her name is Tim #1, is laying while I'm checking for eggs. TOOK YOU LONG ENOUGH, SNAKE!!! Clutch #12, coming and will arrive shortly. She was bred to a few males, but mainly the Mojave. Lets see what pops out. How many eggs you think she has in there???

So when I get home, I get to take more snakes off eggs, and fire up the second incubator, as the first one is now FULL!!!! I shall take a photo of that as well when I get home. WOOOOOOT!!!!

Have a great Thursday my friends. Today is shaping up to be a good one!


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Congratulations Mouser!