Thursday, June 4, 2009

Meh... and Blonde Paunch

Well, today so far hasn't started out as well as I had hoped. Woke up tired again, rolled out of bed, went to work, and subsequently forgot my lifeblood, aka my cell phone.

Of course when I get to it, there will be 534902 missed calls. (This is not a suggestion to call my phone today, by the way, my friends...)


Oh well.

Life goes on.

With green tea in hand, I barrel on.

Now last night was major cleaning night, and after coming home from the gym, I wasn't too keen on doing it, but I did! I also cleaned the rodents.

Let me tell you.

I am not the most coordinated with the tongs, and at least once every few months I drop a rat on the floor, and then run frantically around to try and catch it.

I need to do better with them.. its sad, really. I look like a complete fool bending over with hemostats trying to catch a rat by the tail.

So after that additional workout (it happened twice in two days...), being dirty and covered in wood shavings, I finally got down and took more photos!

I love Yellowbellies. I really think they are one of the more underrated morphs out there, and they even make a (sortof) white snake!!! How can you not want that???

I am really a huge fan of them, and I want like 10 more. Maybe this year, I can trade up..

Anyway, this is my youngest YB, an 08' I picked up from a local friend.

YAY YBs. And the combos out there with them are just amazing!

Ahh, yellowbellies.. not yellow in the belly, nor mustard, nor lemon, nor saffron... but extrordinary none the less.

I need more tea. Have a great day, my friends.


Brandi said...

I will be getting my first YB this year! can't wait!!

Jackie M. said...

I love ivories. The more colorful the better--really, they're prettier than leucistics.

Ed Deupree said...

Heather I'm sure we can work a trade out for ya.. :D

Colin Weaver said...

Yellow Belly females should be selling for a minimum of $500, more like $600. But they don't. Last year I made the decision to never sell another female and only acquire (since other people are confused enough to sell them for nickels). Several years now the yellow belly has been the "new normal". Still true. It's not just Ivories (my adults are solid white by the way, teeny spot of color on their head and a subtle yellow on the tail), it's everything that you put yellow belly to. I consider them to be the genetic equivalent of a scrub brush; they clean all the other morphs up and sometime even make crazy things happen (super stripe, for instance).

Buy/produce as many as you can. Hoard them. Breed them. They will pay for themselves many, many times over.

Colin Weaver