Monday, June 29, 2009

Reptile Super Show

Okay, I finally have had a bit of down time, so I think it is only appropriate to do the weekend updates now.

So Saturday, we went to the Reptile Super Show in San Diego for the day.

I took my camera, but to be honest, I didn't take many pics.

All of the pics on this blog are taken by Kesslers Kreatures, Lewie Kessler.

The show was PACKED!

I saw a lot of people picking up supplies, and having fun. Lots of cool things to scope out.

Lots of fun stuff!!

I love these guys.. They are just too cool colorwise.

I was scoping out the Crested Geckos. This one was too cute, and Lew liked its smile! And the smile on this Beardie wasn't too shabby either!

PACMAN FROGGGG!!! (Fantasy, more than likely)

A Sexy looking Blue Tounged Skink. I want one of these guys, but not yet...

Beware the stare of the rattler... Even that is venomous. OUCH!

Speaking of Ouch.... (This guy is fake, if you couldn't tell...)

And another Crestie.. I am waiting for THE ONE male to pop out and be mine.

Some awesome Ball Pythons on display..

And the ultimate.. Caramel Glow. Working on that project for SURE!

So after the show, wheeling and dealing, enjoying the time there, we all went out and had a few drinks and some chow.

Maki from Pacific Coast Reptiles and I.

Me, Anna, Fred (the fuzzy Rat), Raul from West Coast Jungle, Nancy Wheat from Tangerine Gecko, and Wes Pollock.

Tim and Liza from Royal Morphz, Tom Baker striking a pose, Ben (Swoof) and Chris smiling!

Lydia and Pat from Cali Coils, Tim and Liza, Joe and Joel, the back of Lori's head (Raul's wife), Ben and Tom.

Tony and Kim, and myself! Thanks for the fun, guys!

Joel and I with FRED!!!

It was a great time, and I really always enjoy hanging out with my local friends. I only had that night, since we had to get going for the weddings on Sunday, but I really enjoyed it, and it always reminds me that I have such great friends and make more friends every year at these things.

It was great!!!

Can't wait for Anahiem in September!!!

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