Monday, June 29, 2009


Wedding number One was Joel's classmate from his Masters Program.

The couple knew we weren't married, but apparently.. I was Heather Lopez.

Day wedding!!! (It was bright, and I didn't get the best pics)

I loved the flowers...

And here is the Boat, the Destiny... Pretty!!!

And the harbor... We went out while they were getting married and trolled back and forth in Newport for the wedding and reception. It was a beautiful day!

I thought this was HILARIOUS...

This one is really cute too..

Scott and Ashley... What a beautiful wedding, and they both looked so HAPPY!

Again, loved the simplicity of the flowers..

And it was very elegantly simple in every aspect. I was very impressed with it!

And here I am enjoying the day! (Thanks for the pic, Drew)

After everything was said and done, we really had a great time, and I really enjoyed the boat idea. Very simple and classy!

We docked, and waited a few hours until wedding number two, which was MY friends from College. I actually hooked the two up, so I was really very honored and happy to be able to be there for the wedding!

We boarded the Athena for the second round, but I didn't take photos of the boat (looked very similar from the outside)

My friend Suleyma looked beautiful in her classic dress.

My buddy Adrian... Trying to keep it cool.

And Suleyma doing the same..

And there they are... The happy couple!!!

So glad to be able to be a part of this moment... So proud!!

Yes, I did change... and looked way too excited in this photo... ACK!

And the sun started to set... It was absolutely gorgeous!!! I also loved the centerpieces. Again, simple elegance...

Me, enjoying the breeze outside..

Joel and I again...

And a beautiful end to a beautiful love filled day.

I was really happy for my friends, and was blown away by the fact that all day was a celebration of love on boats in the same place!!! (So were the couples.. they were shocked!)

Not sure when the next weddings will happen, so we shouldn't need to have a wedding bonanza again anytime soon, but I hope you guys enjoyed the photos. I know I did!


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