Monday, June 8, 2009

Fun with Fidel, and Snake Lull

Well, this weekend was not very snakey at all.

Of course I did take care of them, cleaned them and so forth, but nothing awesome really happened this weekend in regards to snakes. No eggs, no non feeders eating, no real news...

Kinda sad, really.

So, I have decided to tell the story of my Saturday night.

We shall call it "Fun with Fidel"

Let us begin.

Once upon a time there was a man named Fidel, and his friend Jaime. Apparently, they were excited about being born or something, and they wanted to make a party out of it. So we all congregated outside a restaurant called "Tokyo Delves" in North Hollywood.

It is apparently a big party spot, as the house was sold out. The stars were all hanging out!

One of the biggest pulls for this place is all of the drink. Sake bombs were very popular, as well as the Sapporo kegs. The Sushi wasn't bad.. It was very pretty!

It was her Birthday too... She was enjoying herself.

Getting pretty crazy in a packed house!

Ooooooooh Cake!!! Thank you Lauryn!

Yeah, we were having a good time.

And the obligatory Joel and Heather photo.

It was very entertaining, and we didn't get home til LATE that Night/Morning.

Sunday was recovery day. Snake cleaning, workout, slow day. Poking in tubs for eggs, but to no avail.. But at least I got a recovery day!

Saw Up. Was a really cute and touching story. I suggest going to see it!

So that's pretty much it.

Happy Birthday, Fidel and Jaime, Happy Monday everyone, lets get thru the week!!!

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