Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Interesting Fail Clutches

I don't know if I really should have titled this blog "Fail clutches", but they came out way worse than I was anticipating.

These girls that laid were at around 1200 grams, which is the general minimum for breeding female size. I paired them up very sparingly, because they were that small.

I actually didn't even count them into the season really to lay eggs. I had just been watching them to see. I was right...

This is Tim3's clutch. I didn't even get photos of the females on eggs, because of the fact that I saw them and was so suprised. But I did get egg photos.

This is a mystery clutch, because I don't recall who went in with the female. One slug, one boob egg, and two good eggs. I'll take it.

Najya wasn't even supposed to lay this year... She is a poss het ghost poss het Albino female, so I put her in with the albino. I took them out after a few days, and let her be. Didn't think she was even interested in him. Apparently, she took.

TWO Eggs... I've never had such a small clutch before...

She is a beautiful animal, and it would be great if she was actually a het, but with two eggs on the ground, it may be tough to prove her this year. Let's see what happens!

So these are fail clutches because of the poor egg count (although granted, at least we got eggs from them), and the slug and boob ratio. They are being incubated, and will be hopefully the catalyst to some healthy baby snakes, but still...

Heather's fail for not realizing that yes, small females will take, yes, they will lay eggs, and no, don't count them out of the rotation if you do breed them.

I did know that they would have taken, but I suppose I expected better clutch count. Oh well.

Clutches #21 and #22 on the ground, my friends...

Lets hope they make it!

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